About us

History and today

Westflug Aachen looks back on its history with pride.
As a family business founded in Merzbrück in 1963, it can rightly be said to have been one of the first flying schools in Germany. The experience we have gained over decades in the training and further training of pilots still flows into our day-to-day business today.
Numerous pilots learn to fly in Aachen every year, and for good reason.

In April 2023, the ownership of the now renamed Westflug Flight Training changes. The new management is represented by Michael Bösing & Diego Corli. Professional, structured and yet family-oriented. The two got to know each other herself during her private pilot training at Merzbrück. During their first trips with the new license and a chartered Westflug aircraft, they quickly developed a quickly formed a friendship in the cockpit and the desire to achieve something together.

Westflug team

Michael Bösing & Diego Corli

Management, Accountable Manager, Flight Operations Manager, Technical Officer, Compliance Manager, Flight Instructor

Ines Kampsmann, Melanie Strothkämper, Anja Reichenbach

Back office, student administration, operations office

Andreas Grossmann

Chief Flight Instructor

Heinz Schmidt

Head of Training

Arndt Reichenbach

Safety Manager, Flight Instructor

Prof. Dr. Frank Janser

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Flight Instructor

Ewald Bergen

Flight examiner, flight instructor

Werner Meyer

Flight instructor

Pierre Ridoux

Flight instructor

Thomas Nadenau

Theory instructor, flight instructor

Jan Vathke

Theory instructor, flight instructor

Ganesh Siddhart

Flight instructor

Walter Kampsmann

Flight examiner, flight instructor, UPRT

Sebastian Liss

Theory instructor, flight instructor

Wendell Lynch

Flight instructor

Walter Möller

Flight instructor UPRT

Benjamin Büsch

Scenic flight pilot

Marc Feldmann

Scenic flight pilot

Stefan Schmitt

Theory teacher

Achim Dohmen

Theory teacher