Airline Transport Pilot License


Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

The abbreviation ATPL stands for “Airline Transport Pilot License” or in German “Berufspilotenlizenz”. This license is the highest flight license that a pilot can obtain and entitles the holder to work as the captain of a commercial aircraft for an airline. To obtain an ATPL, pilots must undergo extensive training and flight experience, which usually takes several years. The training to become a commercial pilot can either be completed in a continuous training program or we at Westflug Flight Training go the “modular” route. We see the advantages of modular training in the fact that further qualifications are acquired step by step and the entire training fits in with your personal time availability – for example, if you are already working and would like to reorient yourself with this license. We will advise you individually, without obligation and our flight instructors – “airliners” themselves – will be happy to accompany you on your way into the cockpit.