Advanced Cirrus SR training

“Discover the Cirrus Life”

Our advanced Cirrus training is a special training program aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of pilots flying Cirrus aircraft. Cirrus aircraft such as the SR20 and SR22 are popular general aviation aircraft known for their advanced avionics and safety features.

Advanced Cirrus training generally goes beyond the basic flight training required for a private pilot license (PPL) or instrument rating (IR). The focus is on specific aspects of Cirrus aircraft operations, advanced avionics systems, safety procedures and emergency scenarios.

Here are some key components covered in the advanced Cirrus training:

Avionics and glass cockpit systems:
Cirrus aircraft are equipped with advanced avionics, including glass cockpit displays such as the Avidyne Entegra or Garmin Cirrus Perspective+. Our Cirrus Advanced Flight Training helps pilots to use these systems effectively for navigation, flight planning and situational awareness. Cirrus aircraft are equipped with various advanced systems, such as electronic stability and protection systems (ESP), autopilot, anti-icing systems and parachute recovery systems (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System – CAPS). The training focuses on understanding these systems and how they work to improve pilot safety and decision making.

Emergency procedures:

Advanced Cirrus training includes comprehensive instruction on emergency procedures specific to Cirrus aircraft, including engine failures, electrical system failures, avionics malfunctions and the use of the CAPS system. Risk management and situational awareness: The training emphasizes the development of good judgment, decision-making skills and situational awareness to effectively manage the risks associated with Cirrus flights. Please note that Cirrus Advanced training courses are usually conducted by authorized Cirrus training centers or flight schools such as Westflug Flight Training, as they specialize in Cirrus aircraft.

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